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Old Yesterday, 11:13 PM
New2Brass New2Brass is offline
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It is from a collectors perspective that BLO ruins a stock with a incorrect finish that would need to be stripped off.

BLO has metallic driers to help it flash off quicker. It dries on the surface with a hard coat.

RLO seeps into the grain and takes longer to dry. The polymer chain can be broken by adding more RLO. Interestingly enough is that you can use RLO to clean your stock before adding more protective coats.

BLO will go over RLO and seal the finish. Rubbing more BLO over BLO finish will not remove the previous finish.

RLO over BLO will not bond to the finish and will just wipe off.

Some guys swear by BLO.
Many collectors will say you devalue a collectable stock with BLO.
Carbine Collectors Club

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Old Yesterday, 11:17 PM
irish Rob irish Rob is offline
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Originally Posted by BobJ50 View Post
"In a move that should surprise no one, midway sent a followup email about the upcoming WWII carbine mags they will be selling. No prices listed yet." About 2 pages back

Anyone able to post a copy of that email from Midway? I haven't found it and nothing from customer service.
You had to have been a purchaser to get the email it said. Advance sales.
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Old Today, 08:34 AM
drwitte drwitte is offline
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I donít think itís necessarily advanced sales but rather advanced notice. I bet anybody will be able to purchase them on Tuesday 8 AM
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Old Today, 08:51 AM
CounterMeasure CounterMeasure is online now
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Mine with the hand -modified serial number is going back. MW is in agreement that a ground heel and modified serial number does not constitute "fine" grade. No buyers remorse; I would have kept it if it didn't have that issue.
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