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Old 05-30-2021, 08:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Griff557 View Post
I picked up a Diana 75 it weighs about the same as my 1407 Annie and has very similar ergonomics. I got the air rifle mainly to work on my offhand but I think I could shoot sitting or kneeling with it. The 10m target is quit a challenge my best score is 83 after some practice Iíve been averaging in the mid-upper 70ís
The Diana 75 is a very nice rifle. I run a jr air rifle program at my local club; we have some fairly inexpensive PCP rifles - Air Arms T200. Although the PCP is handy, especially for kids shooting prone, the triggers are a real step down from the Diana 75 or FWB300. We have some kids who do both the Jr. 22 program and the Jr air rifle program, and moving from a Remington 513 or 540, or Kimber 82, to the Air Arms is a real shock for some, especially if they try to shoot kneeling or offhand (not quite the same level of shock as the difference in target!)
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Old 07-07-2021, 03:06 PM
dave tengdin dave tengdin is offline
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There are 2 alloys to watch out for;

Those made of AL 6351 before July 1990
Those made of AL 6498

Many shops will refuse to fill either. AL 6498 developed cracks in the neck as a result of overfilling or hot filling.
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Old 07-08-2021, 12:44 PM
DBR63 DBR63 is online now
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Default Breech Seals

Where can I purchase breech seals for a Diana 75 and a FWB 300? Thanks, Brian
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Old 07-08-2021, 04:54 PM
Griff557 Griff557 is offline
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Originally Posted by DBR63 View Post
Where can I purchase breech seals for a Diana 75 and a FWB 300? Thanks, Brian
I sent my Diana 75 to David Slade @ air gun weerks a couple weeks ago he said it would be about 6 weeks and about $250ish for parts and labor to replace all the seals. I know my breech seal was bad-I replaced it with a faucet washer from Home Depot and it worked fine but after talking to David he said the internal seals were probably not too far behind and it would damage the piston which is a lot more money to replace so I decided to send it in. It also sounds like the recoil system is pretty complicated to work on. Weíll see-itís only money right ????
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